Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A Whole New Blog

After over 3 and a half years of dormancy, the Waste Not Farm Blog is being resurrected with a new purpose.  In an effort to use up some of the fabric and other sewing/quilting supplies I have been collecting for over half a century, and hoping to make a little money, I have gone back into the crafting business.  Many, many years ago, like when I was a stay-at-home-mama with three pre-schoolers, I would set up a booth at craft shows and sell rug I have woven on my old Union loom.  A couple of months ago I did my resurrection show on the front porch of a friends coffee shop.  I made a little money, used up some stuff and had a fun day.  So I'm going to try it again.  The next two weekends, Saturday and Sunday, November 29th & 30th and Saturday and Sunday, December 6th & 7th I will have a booth at the Poinsettia Festival at Fahr Greenhouse, 18944 St. Albans Road, Wildwood, Missouri.  The craft show hours are Saturday 9am to 4pm and Sunday noon to 4pm.

The Poinsettia Festival is a great backdrop for your family holiday pictures.  Since they consider your pets a part of your family, you are encourage to bring them for the photo session.

In a couple of days, I will show you a few of the things I will be selling.  I welcome your suggestions.  I would also welcome special orders so you are able to get exactly what you want.

Friday, April 15, 2011

I'm Back!

O.K. it has been a very long time (16 months) since I last blogged. A lot has happened in that time. Number one on the list is two new grandbabies. Susie presented us with twins about 2 and a half months ago. Vera is a dainty little lady and Sam is kind of a bruiser. At birth Same was almost 6 pounds and Vera was almost 5 pounds. Vera is our 5th granddaughter and Sam is our first grandson.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

More Photos

The view of my kitchen from the bedroom/loft.
Soapstone hearth stone. This piece has not been oiled so it isn't as dark at the countertops.
Walk-in shower.
Shower bench.
My sweet stove.

Day One Hundred Forty-five - Soapstone, Shower Stairs, & Stone

The Soapstone countertops were installed yesterday. This obviously is the bathroom vanity.
This wonderful vein of some mineral (I do plan to find out what) is in my kitchen.
The travertine tile is on the shower walls. Nic came up with this nifty design.
The stairs have railing and balustrades.
Some (actually one and a half of 23) of the column bases have stone.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Day One Hundred Ninety-three - Siding, Stain, Strairs, Shower, Stove

I am writing this post from in front of the fireplace in the new house. Nic is busy installing tile on the shower walls and Tony and I are enjoying the fire.

It has been a busy couple of week. The siding crew should finish up tomorrow or the next day. I think the siding really makes the house look different. Since I took this picture yesterday the walls of the bedroom balcony have been covered with shingles to match the dormer.

The mason and his crew have been hit hard by the flu bug. They were suppose to be here on Tuesday and haven't been able to get here yet but promised to make it tomorrow.
Nic and his friend, Jim worked on the stairs.
The painter stained the doors, windows, woodwork, etc.
Nic started on the tile in the shower. The tile is travertine and actually doesn't have as much color variation as the photo would make you think.
And the appliances were delivered. I won't bore you with photos of large cardboard boxes.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Day One Hundred Seventy-Eight - Cabinets

Yesterday the cabinets were installed.This is the kitchen. The sink cabinet is cut out for the apron sink and the opening to the left of the sink is for the dishwasher. I am so looking forward to a working dishwasher.
This is another view of the kitchen. There are more cabinets to go on this wall but they can't be installed until the countertop is installed. There is an appliance garage on top of each corner unit.
This is in my studio. These desk are for two sewing machines.
This is the built-in china cabinet in the dining room.
Last but not least, the bathroom. Tomorrow the countertop guys come to measure and draw a template for the soapstone.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Day One Hundred Seventy-Six - Hardwood Floors

The hardwood floors are done and aren't they pretty? This is the view from the front door looking straight into the kitchen. The cabinets will be installed tomorrow so watch for more pictures. It doesn't look too much like a kitchen at this point but I think by tomorrow evening it will.
This is the view from the back door (but the door people may think is the front door) looking into my studio. This corner spot is reserved for a very special piece of furniture.
This is that piece of furniture. I have been watching this old school science lab table at an antique mall for several months. The owner removed it from the antique mall and put it on Craig's List (and reduced the price, again.) It pays to be patient. Try to visualize a sewing machine on the opposite right hand corners.